1. whip, horsewhip, bullwhip, cowhide, rawhide, thong, strap; flail, lash, switch, cat-o'-ninetails, cat; flagellum, knout, quirt, U.S. blacksnake; bastinado, rod, stick, baton, cane, cudgel, blackjack, club, Inf. billy.
2. plague, pestilence, bane, affliction; adversity, evil, curse, misfortune, ill fortune, back luck, hard luck, bitter cup or pill; torment, torture, blow, catastrophe, misery, woe; trouble, worry, trial, tribulation; burden, load, heavy load, hardship, cross to bear; vexation, irritation, gall, pain in the neck, thorn in one's side, Inf. headache; aggravation, annoyance, nuisance, pest, bother, Sl. pill.
3. whip, horsewhip, cowhide, strap, curry, Sl. belt; flail, lash, switch, birch, flog, flagellate; bastinado, baste, cane, cudgel, fustigate; thrash, thresh, spank, paddle, Inf. whale, Inf. whale the tar out of, Inf. whomp, Inf. lace, Inf. tan [s.o.'s] hide; strike, hit, smite, swat, slap, smack, thwack, Dial. hit up side the head; beat, batter, Inf. lambaste, Inf. thump, Inf. wallop, Inf. give it to, Inf. give [s.o.] the works or the business or what for, Inf. let [s.o.] have it.
4. chasten, castigate, discipline, correct; punish, dole out punishment, give [s.o.] what is coming to him or what he deserves, penalize, rap [s.o.'s] knuckles, slap [s.o.'s] wrists.
5. excoriate, objurgate, berate, rate, tongue-lash, fulminate against, lay out in lavender, Inf. bawl or chew out, Inf. jump down [s.o.'s] throat, Sl. lay into, Sl. strafe, Archaic. clapperclaw; chastise, take [s.o.] to task, call on the carpet, Inf. dress down, Inf. jump on, Sl. jump all over; scold, reproach, rebuke, reprove, reprimand, chide; criticize, censure, call down, run or put down, Inf. slam, Inf. knock.

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